We begin with the #ClaseDeNáhuatl

Do you live in the area which name seems to have originated in Nahuatl and you don’t know what it means?

This what this # ClaseDeNáhuatl will attempt to answer.

What do I mean by place names? So easy, I will mention the names of cities or towns that have Náhuatl names, so that means you will know where you live and may go to show it off to your friends and neighbors.

Today we begin with the letter A:

  • Acapulco place of large reeds. ACA-POL-CO
    • ACATL cane/reed,
    • POL large/augmentative,
    • Co locative.
  • Acatlán where reeds abound. ACA-TLAN
    • ACATL cane/reed,
    • TLAN depending abundant.
  • Acolman Aculma or Acolmaitl place (ie shoulder and hand). ACOL-MA
    • Acolli shoulder,
    • Maitl hand .
  • Altotonga where the hot water is. AL-TOTON-CAN
    • ATL water,
    • totonqui hot,
    • CAN locative.
  • Amecameca amate/paper coated place. AMA-BURN-CAN
    • Amatl Amate/paper,
    • Quemi wear a dress or a coat,
    • CAN locative.
  • Anahuac waterside. A-nahuac
    • ATL water,
    • nahuac next to/near.
  • Atenco at the water’s edge. A-TEN-CO
    • ATL water
    • TENTLI lip/edge
    • CO locative.
  • Atizapán water in the chalk.
    • ATL water,
    • TIZATL chalk,
    • PAN locative.

    The official meaning is ‘Location chalk white water‘.

  • Atotonilco place of hot water. A-CO-TOTONIL
    • From ATOTONILLI hot water.
      • ATL water
      • TOTONIA heat
    • CO locative
  • Ayutla
    • where turtles abound. AYO-TLAN
      • Ayotl turtle,
      • TLAN depending abound.
    • Also ‘Where there many pumpkins
      • AYOHTLI pumpkins.
  • Azcapotzalco on ant hills. AZCAPUTZAL-CO
    • AZCAPUTZALLI anthill,
    • CO locative.

These are just some of the many places with Nahuatl names starting with A.

If your town was not mentioned please send me a message and I’ll tell you it’s original meaning. But stick to the letter A.

Other letters will have their Mondays! Go ahead, send me your town!

For questions or further information you can find Moctezuma Xocoyotzin on Twitter or on the Historias Prehispanicas.