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Tezcatlihpoca – the mirror that smokes – has many other names.

It is known as:
  • Titlacauan – we are his people/subjects/slaves
  • Ipalnemoani – he by whom we live
  • Necoc Yaotl – enemy of both sides
  • Tloque Nahuaque – lord of the near and the in between
  • Yohualli Èhecatl – night, wind
  • Ome Acatl – two reed
  • Ilhuicahua Tlalticpaque – possessor of the Sky and Earth.

There is a sacred duality (one of many) Ome Teotl (two sacred) composed by Quetzalcouatl and Tezcatlihpoca.

Tezcatlihpoca, the sacred darkness always present in the sky, the earth and the underworld. It tricks us, it does not allow for our path to be clearly visible, it shape shifts, it mocks us, it frightens us, it is like a veil of smoke before our eyes, we call this sacred reality, Tezcatlihpoca (the mirror that smokes). Because of the nature of Tezcatlihpoca, we trip, we become afraid of the uncertainty which lays on the road ahead of us. The darkness makes us imagine things which are not really there, we often fail trying to reach our goals, our destinations our desired outcomes.

Success is often enveloped in uncertainty, in smoking mirrors. Darkness is under the guidance or our mind’s trickery and fears.

Tezcatlihpoca is no one’s friend, it takes no sides, it is blind and deaf to wishes and prayers. We are it’s subjects; it is our lord whether we are aware of it or not, whether we accept it or not. However we must not be afraid to travel into the smoke, into the the darkness because that is where all the worthy treasures of one’s greatness and of the greatness of the universe lay, hidden, waiting to be brought into awareness, into knowledge. Make darkness your laboratory and your shade under the sun, your resting place.

-Cuezalin Tlahtoque-

“We are a Danza Calpulli (row of homes/community). Our main purpose is to restore the 18 ceremonies of our elders. This means that most of our ceremonies do not include Danza. We participate in Danzante ceremonies, but we understand these are only one type of ceremony with the emphasis on Danza, whereas our ceremonies focus on the restoration of the original practices and world view of our peoples.

We study and practice everything related to the Mesoamerican culture prior to the european invasion and occupation. Although we realize that it is impossible to separate our daily living and practices from political circumstances, politics, rallies and protests are not something we practice as a calpulli but more as educated and concerned individuals. We are also not for entertainment or profit.

Having said that, our secondary purpose is to share and promote the ways of our people to our people.

Tihuan ti tlacah – We Who are the People.”

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