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Tezcatlipoca – the Smoking Mirror

9 June 2015

I’m honored to present a guest post from Calpulli Xiuhcoatl (Cuezalin), an expert on Mesoamerica and its various indigenous nations and cultures. Tezcatlihpoca – the mirror that smokes – has many other names. It is known as: Titlacauan – we are his people/subjects/slaves Ipalnemoani –... Read More

Tlahcuilo – the one who writes painting

7 January 2013

I’m honored to present a guest post by Rosalina Cantú Guzmán, an artist, writer, poet and philosopher. Rosalina’s poems are beautiful and her paintings are inspiring. Rosalina seeks “…to learn, to share and to understand…” “…Through my writing,” she says. “I share my questions about... Read More