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Lacrosse – the sacred game to please the creators

4 February 2014

Wandering around upstate New York early in the previous millennia, you might have enjoyed hospitality of many towns and settlements spread all over the land. Haudenosaunee people, whom we today know as various Iroquois nations, lived there for centuries, growing crops of maize, squash and... Read More

The New World has never been discovered

27 July 2011

The discovery of the New World, which was fortunate for some and very unfortunate for the others, had never happened on this small piece of the internet territory. On the Oct. 12, 1492, the lookout of the caravel Pinta, Rodrigo de Triana, napped on, dreaming... Read More

North America before the in/famous discovery – the terra incognita of historical fiction.

24 July 2011

The third largest continent on our globe seems to be slightly overlooked, by historical fiction most of all. Was anything happening on those vast, diverse lands before the 15th century? The logic says – yeah, probably, something has to be going on over there. They... Read More