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10 September 2017

Hello, if you have questions regarding my articles, books, the actual history that inspired these stories or general background of pre-contact Americas, feel free to contact me on Facebook and Goodreads. I’ll be happy to be of help. Read More

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17 September 2014

Mesoamerica North America The Mesoamerican Saga First, we will travel to the beautiful, sparkling, bubbling with life Mexican Valley/Anahuac, the place of constantly shifting powers and political games, wars and alliances, great cities and states, well regulated life and laws, incredible engineering feats; the place... Read More

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12 July 2011

Pre-contact America and its people and cultures were my obsession since I could remember myself, long before I knew what I wished or could do about it.Years later and after close to two decades of exhaustive research and  creative writing, poring through the available primary... Read More